Success Stories: Live Online Events



When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early spring of 2020, we had to face the hard reality that for the first time in 14 years it was not possible to hold our events in-person as we have always done. But we knew that the need for connection in healthcare communities had never been greater, even though being in the same physical space was not possible. So we went back to the drawing board and developed a model to facilitate those connections online until it is safe for everyone to return to in-person events together.

Thanks to the participation of 1,700 Providers & Suppliers, our 2020 live online conferences were a tremendous success. But don't just take our word for it!

“When I received the virtual conference invitation, I was impressed with HCP’s ingenuity in creating a new platform instead of throwing up their hands and cancelling it all together. One of the vendors I met with told me that he really liked the virtual platform because he could actually get to more directors than he could when we are live. Standing in line to wait to see me in a room versus having a scheduled appointment in a virtual room was a very efficient use of his time. As an HCP provider participant, it was a very efficient use of my time as well. Thanks again for HCP’s tenacity to not see the way things are right now as a crisis, but a problem with a new set of rules that needed to be recreated.” 

Dana Darger, Director of Pharmacy
Rapid City Regional Hospital 

“My meetings were great and I love the tech that was used for the Virtual Reverse Expo!”

Don Smalley-Rader, Senior Director of Intalere Eastern Alliance

“I had great meetings with the vendors during the Virtual Reverse Expo. Thank you again for setting up this virtual conference. HCP is awesome!”

Tiong Thia, Director of Surgical Services
Lakewood Regional Medical Center

“This Virtual Conference met all of my needs and exceeded my expectations. The logistics were impeccable. What a first-class event! Every organization should have a talented IT team like Health Connect Partners. I was into my fifth meeting when a problem developed: the audio connection dropped. I immediately got a call seeing if I needed help. Great service! The HCP team has put together a great virtual conference. If everyone had a team like yours there would be no billing issues, revenue would flow, and we would have better control of our business. Thanks for letting me participate in the best conference in the industry.”

Robert Bepko, Senior Director Network Pharmacy Services
Norwalk Hospital

“I was very pleased with the Virtual Reverse Expo program and I believe it was very successful, especially with all the work HCP had to do in such a short time! It was an effective, organized format to learn about multiple suppliers. I have already reached out to several suppliers to further explore their offerings. Thanks again to you and your team for all your hard work.”

Tracey Chadwell, Senior Director, Advisory Solutions

“Thank you for this virtual conference experience. Everything was perfect and even after the event I still find useful information on your website. Great job by everyone on your team.”

Mihir Patel, Supply Chain Contracts - Strategic Sourcing
Adventist HealthCare

“I made valuable contacts during the Virtual Reverse Expo. I have already placed orders with a couple of companies I met with.”

Faisal M. Rahman, CEO/President
APAC Surgery/Pain Centers (IL & IN)

“I would like to recognize the HCP staff for creating an amazing experience with the first virtual HCP conference. Everything went very smoothly and the technical support was outstanding. HCP staff called me ahead of time, guiding me through the process, provided reminder emails and phone calls, and offered assistance before I could even ask for it. I learned a lot and made some great connections. The HCP virtual conference exceeded my expectations!”

Andrea Gimpel-Blanchard, Director of Pharmacy
MaineGeneral Medical Center

“I am very impressed with the Virtual Reverse Expo system – your team must have spent a lot of time perfecting that, and it worked great. Thanks to your company for making this virtual expo happen!”

Lisa Baird, National Director of Pharmacy Operations
Ernest Health (25 Hospitals)

“I just wanted to send you this quick note of gratitude for everything Health Connect Partners does for us. While the rest of the world is cancelling or postponing, your organization put on another flawless show! It was nothing short of AMAZING! I know it had to have taken a tremendous amount of thought, labor, and ingenuity, but you made it work! From a user standpoint it felt like you had always done it this way. When you are professional (as all of you are), you make the impossible look easy. I was a little skeptical about how the Virtual Reverse Expo was going to work, but vendor after vendor after vendor was very interactive, the picture was clear and audibly proficient. My only disappointment was that we all didn’t have an opportunity to see you all in person and catch up. Hopefully, we can make that happen sooner than later.”

Jack Morris, Corporate Director of Radiology
McLeod Health

“HCP has done an amazing job with the Virtual Conference! It was very efficient, easy, and I had a ton of fun talking to everyone. Congratulations on a very successful spring 2020 conference! I am so proud to be a part of the team!”

Meena Rupani, System Director Strategic Sourcing Clinical Products
Trinity Health

“My Virtual Reverse Expo meetings were awesome! I loved the platform; HCP should sell it to other companies. I really enjoyed my meetings.”

Susan Bear, Assistant VP Clinical Pharmacy Services
Carolinas HealthCare System

“Thanks very much for continuing to have the conference virtually. It was very helpful to our practice in Virginia. I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with vendors through the Virtual Reverse Expo and to collaborate with other providers during the conference as well. It was an honor to be selected to participate. Thanks very much for not giving in during this time. While the in-person experience is preferable, the virtual conference allowed us to meet timely during this incredible era. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

Frank Harmon, Director of Pharmacy
Twin County Regional Healthcare
“I'm the only one in the company that has seen clients face-to-face in the last three months thanks to HCP. My only regret is that I didn't have more seats for the dance.”

Rob Wolfe, Strategic Account Manager
TouchPoint Medical 

“Our team attended the HCP Spring Virtual Conference and they all agreed that there was immense value in the virtual conferences with HCP, even with the new virtual platform. Having the meetings pre-scheduled was great, and they felt that it was a surprisingly decent substitute for the face-to-face conference.”

Stephanie Donley, Marketing Manager, Conferences
Aya Healthcare 

“We just wrapped up our final Virtual Reverse Expo meeting and I wanted to thank you for putting on such an amazing virtual conference! This was an extremely efficient and productive event and I would definitely sign our team up to do this again in the future. Excluding cancellations, I personally had 32 prospect meetings. I sent meeting invitations to all 32 and am expecting at least half of these to accept. If so, that would translate to 16 follow up meetings (ranging from 30 to 60 mins each) with hospital decision makers. In addition, I was able to advance existing opportunities with a few facilities plus uncover a few new qualified opportunities. Others from my team had similar experiences. Across the board our team had 100+ meetings. It was a very busy and productive few days. Just wanted to express our appreciation and congratulate you all on a job exceedingly well done. HCP did an absolutely amazing job with this virtual event and we’ve already gotten some great leads from it. I am very impressed.”

Reed Humphrey, VP of Technology Consulting
Canopy Partners

“Well done! I almost like this virtual format better because you get the face-to-face with no distractions.”

Jeff Marton, Sales Manager

“I wanted to take a few minutes to express my THANKS to the entire Health Connect Partners team. My Virtual Reverse Expo meetings went extremely well. The providers I met with could not have been more friendly and accommodating. I loved the fact that I could type in my notes relatively quickly after each meeting. Kudos to the HCP team on a great job!”

Denise Hammer, Marketing / Business Development Manager
AMS Store and Shred, LLC

“I was very impressed with how smooth HCP’s Virtual Reverse Expo meetings went and how easy it was to use the system.”

Jon Braff, Vice President
PSG Pharmaceutical Strategies Group 

“The Virtual Reverse Expo has been AWESOME! Of course, we love being able to attend in person, but this has really been fun seeing our customers live and catching up! Thank you so much for orchestrating this!”

Jennifer Colucci, Key Account Director
Coherus Biosciences 

“I can’t tell you how invaluable this experience has been. I am so grateful for the opportunity this Virtual Reverse Expo afforded me. Thank you! I’m happy to have had this great experience.”

Robin Morrow, West Region Sales Director
Wolters Kluwer Health 

“The attention to detail in helping make the Virtual Reverse Expo a success has been outstanding, right down to calling me to make sure my camera and audio connected. This is the kind of quality we have come to expect from the HCP team. They have pulled off a not-so-minor miracle through a lot of effort and work.”

Lou Rofrano, Vice President of Sales
AMS Store and Shred, LLC

“The Virtual Reverse Expo went very well! I cannot believe what they pulled off. The system was flawless. I found that the providers were very interested and attentive. HCP might be known for doing virtual shows now!”

Matt Schneider, Imaging Solutions Executive
Canopy Partners

“You all did an amazing job putting this Virtual Reverse Expo together. I am so impressed. It’s been a great tool to use and hopefully will provide us with some new opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Anne Granum, Chief Growth & Development Officer
Frontier Imaging Services

“Congratulations to your IT team! We are definitely interested in participating in additional virtual opportunities that HCP offers.”

Diane Rogne, Trade Show and Event Manager
Mindray Medical

“After the first day I give the Virtual Reverse Expo a very high rating. We only had a few no shows and the providers gave us opportunities to follow up with them. After the first meeting, we found our groove. It was very exciting and high energy and fun! I know how hard HCP worked to put this together. It was better than pretty good!”

Rob Hamilton, VP of Sales
Thynk Health

“The Virtual Reverse Expo went extremely well; people have been so kind. Five minutes, I love it! Communicate your message through interactive discussion in a short period of time. Thanks for putting this all together, it has been pretty seamless.”

Eileen Stanford, Hospital Specialty Manager
Kedrion Biopharma

Success Stories: Live, In-Person Events



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