Radiology & Imaging Conference Success Stories



Provider Testimonials

“This conference was the most organized, professionally planned and collegial meeting that I have attended in a very long time. I appreciate the opportunity that HCP brings to the healthcare industry and applaud you on your insight and visionary approach to the needs facing providers and suppliers. The presentations on healthcare were excellent, the topics timely. I learned a great deal and plan to follow several suggestions learned during the conference. There is a definite need to stay abreast of internal and external pressures affecting all of us in this rapidly changing environment. Your seminar provided an excellent forum for us to ask questions and voice opinions.”

Jean Yoder, Admin Director Radiology Imaging Services
Piedmont HealthCare


“First, thank you to the organizers of the Health Connect Partners event. It was my first opportunity to participate, and I quickly appreciated the value of the networking of directors and vendors. I had a chance to appreciate a number of new product lines, and discuss with other directors how they manage their departments in today’s changing and challenging healthcare environment. But foremost, the quality of the speakers was outstanding—truly inspiring and thought provoking. A great experience!”

Jim Wall, RT (R), Director - Imaging Services
Kingwood Medical Center | An Affiliated HCA Hospital


“Wonderful experience all the way through! Very motivating....I needed it! I loved “speed dating” with the vendors. It was a pleasure to give them 5 minutes of my undivided attention that we wouldn't have in my office setting. Great process!”

E. Dianne Cueto, RT(R), ARRT, CIRCC, Director Diagnostic Imaging
Florida Heart and Vascular Imaging Center


"Each year the conference sessions are directly relevant to what is currently happening in radiology imaging and healthcare industry. It amazes me the in-depth level of quality information that is presented in all the educational sessions. This information allows me to see and understand the big picture and plan for the future accordingly. I am able to gather a lot of information about the vendors and services attending the conference and they do all the walking and standing while I comfortably sit in my booth. We have found and solidified some good business relationships through the HCP conference. Through the HCP networking events I am able to share with colleagues the challenges and opportunities facing my company and get feedback from them regarding the same things they are dealing with. Good exchange of information and ideas that I can put into action at my company."

Neil Burgess, CEO
OpenSided MRI

Supplier Testimonials

“HCP provides a unique opportunity for networking with healthcare leaders nation-wide, as well as timely and relevant educational content that enables us to better understand the issues and trends facing the healthcare industry today.”

Kelly Morrison, Director of Sales and Marketing
Cardinal Health


“The HCP conference exceeded my expectations. It would have taken me several months to meet with as many key decision makers as I met in less than 48 hours. While many were not ready to make a decision on the spot, it allowed me the opportunity to learn about their upcoming needs so we are better positioned to assist them. I’m already looking forward to the next conference!”

Frank Heinz, President
H&H Design-Build


“The Reverse EXPO format at this conference is amazing. I have direct access to the real decision makers without excessive overhead costs. At other conferences we easily spend more than $5,000 renting, assembling and manning a trade show booth in hopes that the right people will visit. This conference requires little effort and the ROI is unmatched. If you don’t participate in these conferences, you’re crazy!”

Fred Bielat, Regional Sales Director
3DR Laboratories

“These conferences strike a perfect balance between education, networking and entertainment. Most importantly, I am introduced to the key players who decide if an organization buys my product. This is the best sales and marketing tool my company utilizes and it is a perfect investment of my time.”

Janet Skinner, President
Skinner and Associates Executive Search


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