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Supplier Testimonials

“I have attended HCP’s Reverse Expo six times and I love this event!  It’s a great way for technology suppliers to have meaningful one on one conversations with 100+ radiology decision-makers over two days.  Why fly all over the country when you can meet with so many qualified decision-makers all in one place.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends in the industry."

Reed Humphrey
VP - Strategi Partnerships, Rad AI

“I've had the privilege of attending a lot of conferences, at a lot of different venues, and from the ones that I have attended throughout my career, HCP is far and above the best conference I ever attend. They're very well-organized. They have everything ready to go for you, and just the value of being able to interact without interruptions with a variety of vendors. Sometimes it's things that you don't even know that you need or want or are looking for.”

Nancy Godby, Director of Radiology
Cabell Huntington Hospital


“Wonderful experience all the way through! Very motivating....I needed it! I loved “speed dating” with the vendors. It was a pleasure to give them 5 minutes of my undivided attention that we wouldn't have in my office setting. Great process!”

E. Dianne Cueto, Director, Diagnostic Imaging, Respiratory Therapy
HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital


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