Hospital Pharmacy Conference Success Stories



Provider Testimonials

"First of all, let me say I thoroughly enjoyed the HCP pharmacy conference here in St. Louis,  As usual, your team out-did themselves with content, educational programs, networking opportunities, reverse forum (although I'll bet I spoke to 500 people....whew !!), hospitality suites, and the City Museum.  It's one of the BEST pharmacy meetings each year."

SueEllen Turner, Pharmacy Contract Manager
BJC Learning Institute


"I would like to thank you for a great conference!  The experience was first class and I enjoyed every segment of the agenda.  The networking with other pharmacy directors and vendors will be of great benefit moving forward.  Please thank everyone within HCP for all their hard work that made the conference great.  I look forward to seeing you again at future conferences."

Robin Garmon, Director of Pharmacy
Southwestern Medical Center (Capella Healthcare)


"Thank you for having me there.  It was a great experience and I look forward to visiting again.  I appreciate your support of the industry/healthcare.  I especially enjoyed the speakers you brought in.  The reverse expo is a nice change of pace from the office environment and seems to promote more camaraderie.  Good job!"

Chanin Wright, Director of Pharmacy
McLane Children's Hospital (Baylor S&W)


"I can not thank you enough for the invitation. This is by far one of the best conferences that a Pharmacy Director can attend. The educational program is first class and the networking with my peers from around the country is the best  there is. The Reverse Expo is actually extremely beneficial, there has not been a show that I haven't left without finding a product or service that I actually benefited me at my hospital. Once again thank you for the opportunity to enhance my practice."

Greg Sophis, Director of Pharmacy Services
Mt. Auburn Hospital


"This was an excellent conference. My first and I was very impressed with all aspects.  You should be very proud of your staff and the conference."

Susan Beacham, Director
Oklahoma Heart Hospital-North Campus


"It was a conference beyond compare. I am privileged to have been invited to attend.  From start to finish you exemplify organization, service and sheer excellence.  I look forward to my new partnership and am willing to help and be involved in any way you feel I may be of assistance."

Lesley Wolder, Pharmacy Director
Western Medical Center - Anaheim


"Thank you so much for allowing my attendance at the Spring Pharmacy Conference in St. Louis.  I made some great connections while I was there as I solidified new business, gained insight to new product options and finalized business that we had in progress with vendors.  This meeting definitely helps me gain new perspectives of product provisions and I definitely take the opportunity at the meeting to make business decisions that fit what we need for our organization and practice sites.  The education events are excellent and the networking opportunities with other directors and company representatives are advantaged at this venue.  I also share the information that I learned at the meeting with my buyers and pharmacy coordinators as well as communicate with the vendors when I return to the office.  Thank you again for including me in this meeting.  I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to attend in the future."

Debbie Nowlin, RPh, Associate Director of Pharmacy
Columbus Regional Health


"Thanks so much for the invitation to the meeting.  It was fantastic.  The keynote speaker and other educational sessions were home run!  Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you and your team in Chicago; you guys have a top-notch team: always smiling, so friendly and willing to help.  They are some really hard workers and some really Class A people."

Jerold King, Director of Pharmacy
CHI St Lukes Hospital at The Vintage

Supplier Testimonials

“HCP provides a unique opportunity for networking with healthcare leaders nation-wide, as well as timely and relevant educational content that enables us to better understand the issues and trends facing the healthcare industry today.”

Kelly Morrison, Director of Sales and Marketing
Cardinal Health


“It would take weeks if not months of aggressive sales pitches to meet as many provider executives as I do during these three-day conferences. These events are some of the best I attend and the ROI is always rewarding.” 

Cindy Chadwick, VP of Business Development & Marketing
ChekMeds, Inc.


“HCP is a fantastic event that we look forward to. The conference is modeled in such a way that decision makers from ‘both sides of the fence’ are intermingling the entire time. HCP has struck a near-perfect balance between education, networking and entertainment that maximizes your time and investment.”   

Brian Borst, President
Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc.

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