Hospital Supply Chain Conference Success Stories


Provider Testimonials

Supplier Testimonials

“Out of all the conferences I have attended in my over 23 years in healthcare, the HCP conference is my all-time favorite for many reasons. To name a few are the people, from the professionals at HCP to the board members, and all the attendees. Especially after the pandemic, everyone isn't at 100% in their facilities and some aren't able to travel yet; however, the ones that have been able to travel are yearning to network, communicate and be amongst friends and colleagues. There is absolutely zero stress, only camaraderie amongst healthcare professionals who look to communicate with everyone.”

Phillip Bateman, Field Region Manager
Capstone Health Alliance

“This perfectly planned single event saved me months of man-hours in meetings, research and supplier comparisons that I was able to get done in less than three days. These conferences are absolutely a force-multiplier.”

Alex Gardner, AVP Supply Chain Operations
Lifebridge Health SC Management

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