From the beginning, our success has been built on listening to healthcare providers and creating an environment that helps them find real solutions to the issues they face every day. From cutting-edge educational programs to our signature Reverse Expo sessions, we have designed each aspect of our conference with the single goal of connecting providers with the solutions they need.

Healthcare providers have confidence in colleagues who have experienced and overcome similar situations. They don’t want to be “sold.” They want to be understood. The better suppliers understand the challenges facing health systems, the better prepared they are to meet their needs. We’re here to facilitate that understanding.

Team Members

Hopeful BennettCustomer Relationship Coordinator

Robert Blackstone, Conference Network Administrator

Rachael Brownlie, Customer Relationship Coordinator

Michael Cardarelli, Provider Relations Executive - Supply Chain

Dave Carson, National Sales Manager - Nursing Home

Bradford Christison, Digital Specialist / PharmacyAngle.com

Leslie Clark, Accounting Manager

Ramon Coley, Provider Recruitment Executive - Pharmacy & Pharmacy Buyers

Shannon Fierro, Vice President of Provider & Supplier Relations

Susan Griffin, Accounting Coordinator

Liz Grotte, Director of Supplier Relations - Radiology

Andrew Head, Director of Education & Professional Development

Amy Johnson, Provider Relations Director - Pharmacy & Pharmacy Buyers

Chantel MaceTravel & Logistics Coordinator

Diana Maxham, Director of Events & Marketing

Michele Niec, Director of Digital Marketing & Content / PharmacyAngle.com

Paige Murphy, National Provider & Supplier Relations Manager

Diva Payne, National Account Manager - Pharmacy & Pharmacy Buyers

Jason Pennington, Vice President of Software Development

Jeff Riedinger, Provider Relations Executive - O.R. & Radiology

John Romans, Market Director

Pete Thompson, Software Engineer

P.J. Valentini, National Account Manager - Supply Chain

Taylor Walsh, Graphic Designer

Kelli Whittle, Event Coordinator

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