Reverse Expo

The Reverse Expo is exactly what the name suggests: a reversal of the traditional trade show format. The providers (hospital directors, imaging center executives, surgery center administrators, supply chain and purchasing executives, materials managers, nursing home and long-term care executives, GPO executives) host exhibit booths while the suppliers walk the floor.

For suppliers, this unique format creates the optimum environment for networking and building relationships with key decision makers from each participating facility. It also maximizes their time – no waiting around the exhibit hall for providers to visit between sessions – and financial investment – no cost to ship an exhibit system or rent amenities.

For providers, it’s an invaluable opportunity to dialog with industry-leading suppliers, learning about new products and finding real solutions to the challenges they face everyday.

No other trade show format guarantees as much face-to-face potential between provider and supplier attendees.

How It Works
During each Reverse Expo session, the provider executives sit at counter high tables. Each one has an ID sign behind them, clearly marking their facility, city and state, and a placard on the table in front of them, noting their name, job title and booth number. Booth maps are available to facilitate easy navigation of the expo hall.

In practice, the concept is very similar to speed dating (but without the bell). The supplier attendees flow through the hall, meeting with the providers one-on-one at their booths and exchanging business cards. We request that all conversations be kept to 5 minutes in the expo hall to facilitate a smooth, steady flow and maximize the networking potential for each attendee. We have found that 5 minutes is an ample amount of time for providers to recognize whether the product or service will meet their needs, and also for suppliers to identify a viable business opportunity. However, if you feel you need more time, feel free to return and finish your conversation.

Does 5 minutes seem too short? The Reverse Expo isn’t the only draw!
See The HCP Difference for a recap of all the time shared by providers
and suppliers during our conference.


The Decision Maker Advantage

For each conference, the provider executives attend on an invitation-only basis. Invitations are only extended to individuals who hold positions of leadership within their organizations. This policy ensures a true peer-to-peer experience for provider attendees while connecting suppliers with the real decision makers from each participating facility.


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