We will hold our 2022 Spring Conferences in-person in New Orleans, LA provided things remain open and everyone – including the hospital executive attendees – can continue to safely travel. We will also offer a live-online (virtual) summer session option for those who prefer to participate remotely, with the Live Online Reverse Expo sessions held June 21 - 24, 2022. Attendees may choose to participate in their choice of an in-person spring conference, a live-online (virtual) summer session, or both for each of our markets.

Should lockdowns or restrictive travel policies re-emerge at hospitals in the continental U.S. that would prevent attendees from joining an in-person event in 2022 spring, or should we have to cancel any of the 2022 spring in-person conferences for any circumstance beyond our control, that event would migrate to our summer live-online (virtual) platform over dates that may be adjusted but are currently set as June 21 - 24, 2022. In that event, all registrations for a 2022 spring in-person conference would be migrated to the 2022 summer live-online (virtual) conference registration for the same market. Any registration fees paid in excess of the standard live-online (virtual) registration for that market as well as any sponsorship, advertising, or other purchases made for the in-person conference will either be available to use as a credit toward a Health Connect Partners 2022 Fall Conference or may be converted to additional opportunities during the 2022 summer live-online event at the customer’s discretion. No refunds or registration “roll-overs” for future in-person events will be permitted outside of the options described above should any conferences be held exclusively live-online.

In the event that the in-person event is being held but an individual requests to cancel their registration to attend the in-person conference due to state and/or organizational travel bans or for personally testing positive for COVID-19 or being required to quarantine by a medical professional, we will offer the following:

  • Automatically enroll the individual in the 2022 summer live-online (virtual) conference, with registration valued at the standard per person price for that market at that time.
  • Automatically apply any remainder of the 2022 registration fee paid to a 2022 Fall Conference; we are not responsible for airfare, hotel, or other costs.

All purchases for live-online (virtual) conferences are final and not eligible for cancellation or refund.

For either the in-person or live-online conference, registered individuals may transfer their registration to a substitute representative from their organization in the event that the registered individual is unable to attend. Notice must be given at least 5 days prior to the event. Health Connect Partners, Inc. assumes no liability for non-refundable transportation costs, hotel accommodations or additional costs incurred by registrants. Travel reservations, cancellations and charges are the attendee’s responsibility. Health Connect Partners, Inc. reserves the right to substitute presenters and re-schedule programs due to unforeseen events, catastrophic weather, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, or any other event out of the control of Health Connect Partners, Inc.

At each conference, Health Connect Partners reserves the right to employ professional photographers and videographers to document the conference for use in our marketing materials. As a result, your likeness may at some point appear in Health Connect Partners marketing or publicity materials. Additionally, certain information provided during the registration process may be available in HCP publications (such as the conference book) or on our website (such as contact information shared with Live Online Reverse Expo participants). Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

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