General FAQs


What is the dress code?
The dress code for the entire conference is business casual. For the dinner & entertainment evening, however, you might want to dress differently. Each conference has an exciting event on the second night that varies from conference to conference, though each one includes wonderful food, an open bar, live music and/or entertainment. Feel free to dress according to the theme, and be sure to wear your dancing shoes!

Is there any time I can interact with the providers outside of the Reverse Expo sessions?
Our entire conference is structured to allow providers and suppliers to interact. Please refrain from inviting any provider attendees off-site to meetings or functions that conflict with any of our scheduled conference events. As part of their registration, we require our provider attendees to participate in all conference activities; their absence may result in denial of registration at a future conference. Please respect the opportunities our conference provides and encourage your contacts and associates to fully participate. We have already paid for all your meals, including our dinner & entertainment evening on the second night of the conference. Feel free to utilize the breaks, meals and networking functions as an opportunity to discuss your products and services one-on-one with our provider attendees in a more relaxed atmosphere. There is tremendous potential for business connections during these times and we encourage you to take full advantage of it.

Is CPE credit available for supplier attendees?
Yes, it is. Our Hospital Pharmacy Conference educational sessions are accredited through the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The CE agency requires proof of attendance. If you are interested in receiving credit for the educational sessions, be sure to indicate this to us while you are logged into your "My HCP" account on our website. Simply click on "My Profile" from the menu on the left side of the screen once you've logged in, then scroll down to the CE section and check "Yes". We will process the paperwork for you. In order to ensure the validity of the CE credits we issue, we have utilized an electronic attendance tracking system at each of the sessions. Please be sure to have your badge scanned as you enter each session to ensure you receive credit for the sessions you attend. 

What is an NABP # and why do I need one to receive CPE credit?
The CPE Monitor (a national, collaborative effort by the NABP and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) requires all pharmacists and technicians to obtain an e-Profile ID in order to receive credit for any CPE activities taken from ACPE-accredited entities. In order to provide CPE credit for attendance at our educational sessions, we will need to have each attendee’s NABP # on file. For more information on the CPE Monitor or to obtain your e-Profile ID, please visit their website. Once you have obtained your e-Profile ID, log into your "My HCP" account on our website. Simply click on "My Profile" from the menu on the left side of the screen once you've logged in, then enter the information in the appropriate fields. 




What is a “Reverse Expo"?
The concept of the Reverse Expo is exactly what the name suggests: we reverse the roles of a traditional trade show or expo. The hospital and GPO executives host the exhibit booths while the suppliers walk through the exhibit hall meeting and networking with the providers. View our photo gallery or visit the Reverse Expo page for more information.


How long does the Reverse Expo last?
Each Reverse Expo session is 2 hours long. Two sessions are scheduled for this conference: the first on Tuesday, October 25 and the second on Wednesday, October 26.   


How will I know where to find the provider attendees I wish to visit?
We will have a sign with each facility / company name clearly marked above the back of each booth as well as a sign with each provider’s name, job title and booth number on the table. A map of the expo hall is printed in the conference book, and as you enter the expo hall, we will have an updated listing of any changes in provider attendance available along with a map of the expo hall.


What is the protocol for Reverse Expo conversations?
We ask that you keep all conversations with our provider attendees to a maximum of 5 minutes in the expo hall. This is especially important if a line of people has formed behind you. We have trained our provider attendees as well so that they know to keep the conversations to a maximum of 5 minutes. Please be advised that if your conversation exceeds 5 minutes, they may have to ask you to wrap it up. Please feel free to return to the providers exhibit booth once the line has been reduced, to complete your conversation.


What do I need to bring with me?
Bring plenty of business cards, your best “elevator pitch” and your warm smile. Please keep in mind that you will be walking non-stop through the expo hall for two hours. If you wish to bring any additional marketing materials, make sure you are able to carry them easily and review them quickly with the provider attendees as each conversation needs to be kept brief out of respect for everyone’s time. If you run out of business cards, stop by the registration desk and we will print 200 for $50.00.


Should I bring equipment or demos with me?
Materials brought into the expo hall should be kept as minimal as possible. The Reverse EXPO model is focused on conversational interaction rather than product demos. If you do have something that you feel must be shown during your conversation, a tablet presentation would be the ideal format.


What is the dress code for the Reverse Expo?
The dress code for the entire conference is business casual. Some companies prefer to maintain a business professional appearance and will have their attendees in suits; others will be in khakis and branded polo or golf-style shirts. Please dress in a way that will make you feel comfortable.

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