What are the dates for the Live Online Reverse Expo?
The 2022 Hospital & Healthcare I.T. Summer Session - LIVE ONLINE (virtual) Reverse Expos will be scheduled over five days:

    • Monday, June 20th
    • Tuesday, June 21st
    • Wednesday, June 22nd
    • Thursday, June 23rd
    • Friday, June 24th

Session times will be 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Central) each day. Please ensure your schedule is flexible for those five days as your appointments may be scheduled anywhere within the session times over those five days.

How does the Live Online Reverse Expo work?

Our Live Online Reverse Expo will facilitate 9 minute one-on-one meetings in a custom platform developed specifically to foster connections between providers and suppliers – click here for a sneak peek at our platform.

    • Each meeting will be visible from your personal Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard.
    • Participants will connect via webcam and will have the choice of utilizing computer audio or calling in from a phone.
    • Information for the provider executive will be visible on the screen during each meeting, including Name, Job Title, Facility, City, State, GPO Affiliation and Licensed Beds; this information along with an email address and office phone number will be downloadable from your Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard.
    • A field for notes will be available so you can make documentation as you go without leaving the meeting; the notes will be downloadable from your Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard – your notes are just for you and will not be shared with the provider at any time.
    • A countdown timer will be visible during the entire meeting with emphasis prompts as it reaches 1 minute and again with 30 seconds remaining. At 0 seconds remaining, the meeting will end but you will be able to wrap up your notes and return to your Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard at your convenience to prepare for & join your next meeting.


How do I select the provider executives I want to meet with?
You will have a "Provider Selections" link in your MyHCP account which will take you to a page where you can indicate your meeting preferences.  Making your selections is very simple: the page will show you information for each registered provider on the left side of the screen, and you’ll select each provider you want to meet with by dragging them from the list on the left over to the correct category on the right side of the screen. You will be able to prioritize your selections so we know who is most important to you. 

We request that you select as many providers as possible (with a minimum of 50 provider executives selected) to ensure we are able to schedule as many preferred meetings for you as possible. We cannot guarantee that all selections you choose will be scheduled but we will arrange as many meetings for you as we can with a goal of approximately 10 meetings with providers you selected.

The following information will be available on your Provider Selections page:

    • First & Last Name
    • Job Title
    • Facility
    • City
    • State
    • Licensed Beds
    • Primary GPO Affiliation
    • If a provider requested a meeting with your company, they will be highlighted green
    • If a provider is interested in the product or service category you are associated with, they will be highlighted yellow


When will the selection process happen? And when will I get my meeting assignments?

    • Your Provider Selection page will be available in your MyHCP account on Monday, June 13th
    • You must complete your selections no later than 5:00pm Central on Wednesday, June 15th
      • PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive your selections by this time, your meetings will be assigned at random.
    • Your first week schedule of meetings & times will be available in your personal Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard by end of day on Thursday, June 16th


How many meetings will be available?
Each registered supplier will receive approximately 10 scheduled meetings as long as you make at least 50 selections. The exact number will be based on the providers you selected and their availability. Please remember: the more providers you select, the more meetings we will be able to schedule for you.


How are the times set for each meeting?
Each registered provider will select one-hour blocks of time when they are available during our five days of Live Online Reverse Expo sessions. We want to make it as easy as possible for as many providers as possible to participate by working around their individual schedules for each of those five days. And we want to give you as many meetings as possible with the providers you have selected by matching you with the times they have available. Your scheduled meetings & times will be available in your personal Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard on Thursday, June 16th. Please ensure your schedule is flexible for each of the five Live Online Reverse Expo days as your appointments may be scheduled anywhere within the session times over those four days:

    • Monday, June 20th between 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central)
    • Tuesday, June 21st between 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central)
    • Wednesday, June 22nd between 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central)
    • Thursday, June 23rd between 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central)
    • Friday, June 24th between 8:00am – 5:00pm (Central)


How long is each meeting? What if I’m late, or I need more time?
Each meeting will be 9 minutes long. The time-frame for each meeting will be enforced and a running countdown timer will be clearly visible during the entire meeting to help each participant keep track. Contact information will be shared to help you facilitate follow up conversations.

Please login to your personal Live Online Reverse Expo dashboard and join your meeting 5 minutes before your scheduled session to ensure you do not have trouble connecting or miss any of the requested time, as the 9 minute timer will begin promptly at the meeting start time even if you join the meeting late.


What if the provider I am scheduled to meet with does not show up? What if I miss a meeting?
We will work diligently to ensure that each registered provider attends all of their scheduled Live Online Reverse Expo meetings, but we know that emergencies will occur and thank you in advance for your understanding when a provider does miss a meeting. Our plan is to ensure that each Supplier has ample meetings scheduled, anticipating that some of the scheduled meetings may be missed due to unforeseen events at the provider facilities, though we will work with each provider to reschedule any missed meetings if possible at a later time during the event. If you are unable to join a scheduled meeting, we will not be able to reschedule any of those.


What if I have an issue or need technical assistance?
The same standards of customer service apply to our live online conference as you have come to expect from our physical events. If you need assistance at any time, call 615-449-6234. Our staff will be on hand and immediately available to assist with any questions to make this as easy and successful as possible for you. No automated bots or third party call centers involved. We will be at your service when you need us. 


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