The following categories are available for 2023 Spring Hospital Pharmacy Conference

340 B Pharmacy
340B (Outpatient Pharmacy)
503B Compounding Outsourcing Facility
Advanced Wound Care
Anti-Fatigue Flooring/Mats
Antimicrobial Stewardship
Automated Dispensing Cabinets
Automation - Outpatient / Retail Pharmacy
Bar Coding Systems & Supplies
Barcode Technology
Bedside Pharmacy Dispensing
Branded Pharmaceuticals
Carousel Technology
Carts - Mobile, Medication, COWs, etc.
Cleanrooms & Supplies
Clinical Databases / Drug Reference
Clinical Decision Support
Collaboration to Reduce Costs
Consolidated Services Center Procurement
Continuing Education / CE Accreditation
Continuing Education / Training Software
Controlled Substance Regulatory Compliance
Cost Savings Consulting
Cost-effective electronic prescription solution
Cost-Savings Consultants
Counting Devices
DEA Mock Audits
Diversion Awareness / Investigation Training
Diversion Detection / Inventory Management
Diversion Detection Devices & Screening
Diversion Detection Process Improvement
DME/HME - Medicare Part B Equipment & Supplies
Drug Distributors / Wholesalers
Drug Diversion Monitoring / Software
Drug Diversion Prevention Consulting
Drug Recovery
Electronic Surveillance
Employee Pharmacy with Payroll Deduction
Error Prevention / Medication Verification
Expired Returns
Financial Services
Generic Pharmaceuticals
GPO Services
Health Dietary Supplements
I.V. Drug / Critical Care
Improve ED Work Flow / Improve CMS Metrics
Infection Control
Inpatient Pharmacy Services
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Services
Investigational Drug Services
IV / Infusion: Technology, Supplies, Svs.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Labor Planning Software
Long Term Care Pharmacy
Mail-Order Pharmacy
Management & Consulting Services
Medicare Part B HME / DME Billing
Medication Safety and Compliance
Medication Trays
Mobile Solutions for Bedside Discharge
Nuclear Pharmacy
On-Site Controlled Substance Disposal
Outpatient Pharmacy
Patient Financial Assistance
Pharmacy Business Analytics Software
Pharmacy Casework
Pharmacy Design and Fixtures
Pharmacy Procurement
Pharmacy Software (new/replacement)
Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions
Prescription Affordability
Prescription Coupon Delivery
Pricing Transparency
Quality Control / Analytical Testing
Recruiting / Placement
Refrigeration / Refrigerators
Remote Pharmacy Services
Reverse Distribution
RTLS / Asset Management
Rx Dispensing Kiosk
Scheduling Software
Shortage Management
Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution
Specialty Pharmacy
Supplies (Pharmacy)
Supply Chain / Pedigree / RFID
Tube Transfer Systems - Air Tubes
Unit Dose Technology & Packaging
USP <795>
USP <797>
USP 800
Waste Management
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
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